Pony Club
The Ohio Department of Youth Services has awarded Jackson County Juvenile Court $20,000.00 to contract with local organizations for the provision of Pro-Social Activities for at-risk youth. As a result of the grant award, Juvenile Court entered an agreement with Stargazey’s Equine Therapy Pony Club located on Fairgreens Road between Jackson and Wellston.

Stargazey Equine Therapy is a 501(C)(3) organization founded by Ms. Honor Read dedicated to teaching students about horses, the care they require, and the industry itself. This is all in service of the following objectives:
  • Spreading the word about the magic of equestrian activity, inspiring new generations to get involved with horses.
  • Raising standards of equine care, and welfare leading to the next generation of competent and knowledgeable equestrians.
  • Enabling our students to be better, kinder and more disciplined people who can be proud ambassadors for the equine world.

Pony Club is built around the idea of hands-on learning and allows students to truly connect with the ponies they work with each week. Each module promotes students’ learning new skills, knowledge, and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned at our testing sessions. Students who successfully complete a testing session are decorated with a certificate for their module. In addition to the equine-based skills and knowledge they learn, students work in small groups which promote interpersonal skills which they can use outside of the arena, and apply to other areas of their lives. Students have the opportunity to learn to work as a team, communicate with peers, problem solve, and help others (the animals, students, and their community).
About Stargazey
Stargazey Equine Therapy is a 501(C)(3) organization founded by Honor Read and is a licensed United States Pony Club Riding Center. Stargazey was established in 2010 with the mission to provide hands-on equine activities and therapeutic programs for individuals of all ages and abilities. Stargazey programs focus on providing a comprehensive curriculum to build skills, aid personal development, overcome challenges, and achieve personal goals.

“Stargazey is giving local kids something to invest in, something to take pride in and something to look forward to. It’s important to remember that many kids in our communities don’t always have something to look forward to day to day and this DYS funding helps change that.” —Judge Skaggs
About DYS
The Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS) is the juvenile corrections system for the state of Ohio. DYS is statutorily mandated to confine felony offenders, ages 10 to 21, who have been adjudicated and committed by one of Ohio’s 88 county juvenile courts. During their stay with DYS, youth are engaged in programming that is designed to address their criminological and behavioral needs. Each of the DYS facilities also operates a year-round school that offers general curriculum as well as vocation opportunities.

The Ohio Department of Youth Services reaches thousands of youth in Ohio. Beyond youth in facilities and those on parole, DYS funds and supports 625 community programs throughout the state offering more than 93,000 youth (based on annual program admissions) opportunities and services to impact positive change. These include statewide support of juvenile courts and county partners through RECLAIM Ohio, Targeted RECLAIM, Competitive RECLAIM, the Detention Alternatives and Enhancements Initiative, Youth Services Grant, Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice (BH/JJ), and Community Corrections Facilities.

“We are grateful for the Department of Youth Services’ continued commitment to provide funding allowing opportunities for Jackson County kids to avoid formal Court procedures. This is all accomplished without a penny of Jackson County General Fund money being utilized.” —Judge Skaggs
Jessica Tackett - Chief Probation Officer, Kirsty Jones - Stargazey Equine Therapy & Judge Justin Skaggs
Director Amy Ast - Ohio Department of Youth Services, Judge Justin Skaggs & Assistant Director Ginine M. Trim