Step One Resource Team (S.O.R.T.) offers an alternative to the formal judicial process allowing the avoidance of Court systems for Jackson County youth. Additionally, S.O.R.T. leverages community partnerships for the provision of therapeutic services and the connection to pro-social activities.

At S.O.R.T., we recognize the likelihood of long-term success of children is improved with the avoidance of the formal Court process. As a team, we endeavor to connect children and families to supportive services in an effort to facilitate the circumvention of the formal Court process. In every communication and interaction, we strive to exhibit professionalism, respect and empathy while recognizing the unique needs of each child and family participant.
S.O.R.T. Staff
Embedded Staff
S.O.R.T. partners with local service providers to provide readily available on-site services to children. As a result of the provider partnerships, the following individuals are embedded:
S.O.R.T. Resources
S.O.R.T. is made possible by the following partners:
General Community Partners
Jackson County Children & Family First Council
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Tedd Frazier
Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Randy Dupree
Jackson City Police, Chief Brett Hinsch
Wellston City Police, Chief John Robinson
Jackson City Schools
Wellston City Schools
Oak Hill Union Schools
Buckeye Hills Career Center
Oak Hill Village Police, Chief Dave Ward
Community Behavioral Health Partners
Integrated Services for Behavioral Health
Hopewell Health Centers
Path Integrated Healthcare
Health Recovery Services
Prism Behavioral Health
Pro-Social Activities Partners
The Bart Wiseman Foundation
Stargazey Equine Therapy (Pony Club)
Pinewood Pottery
Downtown Treatery
Mikkie Strite Photography
Jackson Area YMCA
Wildwood Media